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 Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor

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PostSubject: Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor   Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor Icon_minitimeFri Nov 02, 2007 8:39 pm

From today's (11/02/07) Courier Post:

Re-elect Platt, vote for Cherry Hill newcomers

Council candidates Joseph Achacoso, Nancy Ryan and Sara Lipsett offer fresh leadership.

Cherry Hill Mayor Bernie Platt has been criticized by opponents, perhaps justifiably so, for being too tied to the powerful Camden County Democratic machine.

Yet, there is no evidence this has corrupted his ability to address the needs of Cherry Hill residents. Platt brings a broad vision for the township, unlike his Republican opponent Philip Guerrieri.

An outspoken township resident who lives in the Erlton South neighborhood, Guerrieri appears primarily motivated by his opposition to planned Route 70 improvements. The heavily traveled roadway cuts through his community.

Guerrieri accuses Platt, who lives in the Downs Farm section, of failing to listen to residents. But Guerrieri has not demonstrated he can work constructively with others who disagree with his points of view -- an essential quality in a leader.

While we admire Guerrieri's watchdog zeal, we think Platt offers Cherry Hill residents seasoned and effective leadership. We endorse Platt for another mayoral term.

We also urge Cherry Hill voters to bring new ideas and energy to the council by electing Republican candidates Joseph Achacoso and Nancy Ryan, as well as Democratic candidate Sara Lipsett.

Achacoso, a businessman, and Ryan, a teacher, will end one-party council rule and provide more open and accountable government. They want government to be more accessible and responsive to the people. They also would work to cut township spending and make development better reflect residents' expectations.

Lipsett, who is active in several civic organizations, is a first-time council candidate. She is a Democratic insider, but demonstrates an outsider's commitment to improved governance.

For effective, more transparent government, we recommend Cherry Hill voters re-elect Platt as mayor and Lipsett for council; and choose Republicans Achacoso and Ryan over incumbent councilmen John Amato and Dennis Garbowski.
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PostSubject: Re: Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor   Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor Icon_minitimeFri Nov 02, 2007 11:10 pm

Use this link to read the very INTERESTING posted comments relative to this "editorial selection" by the Courier-Post
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PostSubject: Re: Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor   Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 1:18 am

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I really had a good laugh about the part where you said Bernie Platt offers "seasoned and effective leadership" and then rolled on the floor when you did that part about Sara Lipsett "demonstrating an outsider's commitment to improved governance." Really...

Isn't this the same Bernie Platt you raked over the coals for ducking pay to play reform for two years, taking no-bid contractor money and then passing it at the last minute because it was going to go on the ballot if he didn't? Call that effective leadership? And isn't this the same Sara Lipsett who can't say no to anything the Camden County machine wants to ram down Cherry Hill's throat, like the 5000 criminals who will be calling each month to the new probation office? Why can't she? Isn't her father Ken Shuttleworth, the Camden County "spokeman?"

Did the same person who wrote your Platt/Lipsett tongue in cheek endorsement also write this:

After ducking the issue going back to 2005, the Cherry Hill Township Council did an about face Monday and endorsed an amendment to curtail pay to play in the township. Clearly, the mayor and council were pressured to action because township residents forced them. Platt and the council failed to act on this same ordinance when residents suggested it in 2005. Last month, Councilwoman Marilyn Kalitan's effort to introduce it for a council vote also failed. But the mayor and Councilmen John Amato and Dennis Garbowski are running for re-election in November. It would be awfully hard for them to explain to township voters why they opposed a measure designed to make government cleaner and take away some of the influence of special interests. And, if you think the mayor and council are trying to get re-elected for supporting a measure they had blocked up until now, make sure to let them know that [Courier Post, Editorial, July 25, 2007]

Posted by: elect_honest_government on Sat Nov 03, 2007 12:15 am
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PostSubject: Re: Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor   Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor Icon_minitime

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Courier Post Endorses Platt for Mayor
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