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 Responsibility of Courier-Post/accurate reporting & rebu

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PostSubject: Responsibility of Courier-Post/accurate reporting & rebu   Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:12 pm

In addition to a Letter to the Editor in the Courier-Post I previously suggested, I also feel it would be prudent to have someone represent the neighborhood and contact the editor (or someone similarly responsible) at the Courier to state the fact that the news story erroneously reflected the Brookfield residents and that while some statements were indeed exactly what was said, the main concern of the community was not reflected in the article written by Lisa Gryzboski after the meeting.

I have been told previously by someone at the Courier-Post that the editorial staff at the Courier-Post can "get creative" and/or change things with stories once one of their writers has turned it in, however, to portray the group en masse in such a despictable way was wrong and created a lot of flurry in the Courier-Post blogging relative to this story and most posts were VERY upsetting to read.
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Responsibility of Courier-Post/accurate reporting & rebu
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