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 NJ Mentor Clients for Cherry Hill Locations

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PostSubject: NJ Mentor Clients for Cherry Hill Locations   NJ Mentor Clients for Cherry Hill Locations Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2007 2:33 am

The May 2, 2007 Department of Children and Families press release announcing this program does not state age limitations nor does it unequivocally exclude criminally-involved youth.

We should demand NJ Mentor identify and/or provide documentation substantiating the scope of operations to be conducted at this location. In particular, we should pressure Cherry Hill Township and NJ Mentor to provide a detailed description of the proposed use in the Zoning Approval Application submitted to Cherry Hill Township.

Regarding the Service Contract Between NJ Mentor (National Mentor Healthcare) and the State of New Jersey:
1. Is the contract for 45 beds to treat children with severe behavioral needs a new contract or a modification to an existing contract?
2. What are the contract terms specific to admission criteria for this program? (The list below is based on contract dated 09/10/04 signed by Lisa Coscia and Muriel Brantley.)
Age range accepted
I.Q. range accepted
Acceptable/non-acceptable characteristics and behaviors
3. What are the effective and expiration dates for this contract?
4. Is payment to NJ Mentor based on operation of the group home or the number of children living at the group home?

Regarding Future Use of Home:
1. Although this group home will be established and licensed to serve a new DCF program, what prevents the operation of other NJ Mentor programs at this location in the future?
2. What is National Mentor Healthcare’s history regarding re-allocation or re-programming of established group homes?
3. As identified in the National Mentor Holdings third quarter FY2007 financial report (see Risk Factors), funding for state programs is subject to elimination or reduction due to subsequent budget cuts. Given the State of New Jersey ’s current budget problems, future funding is a legitimate concern. How would NJ Mentor utilize this property if the initiating program were curtailed or abolished in the future?
4. Vestar Capital Partners maintains greater than 90% ownership of National Mentor Holdings. How would Vestar influence decision making regarding the use of facilities?
5. What is the duration of the lease with SP-V Green Properties (Scioto Properties)?
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NJ Mentor Clients for Cherry Hill Locations
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